Our Vision

We aim to secure our company’s future by fortifying the independent optometry market in Australia and New Zealand, supplying locally manufactured premium quality ophthalmic lenses. To grow the market and shape the future of Australia, staying independent together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Australians and the world see better through cutting edge technologies, high quality products and trustful relationships. Our success is ensured through providing superior quality products and services, exceptional value for money, and relentless agility to adapt to the ever-changing customer needs.

Our Values

Below are our values, the key attributes that we care about the most and that determine our success as a business, as an individual, and as a team. We expect our team to embrace and live and breathe the same values that we build on, creating a common bond.


We are adaptable, entrepreneurial and innovative in our actions. We follow procedures and protocols yet look for discovering new solutions for hard problems. We thrive to minimize complexity and simplify processes.


We put the team before ourselves, working safely and sharing successes. We lead by example cooperating with our colleagues. The sum of our efforts as a team is more powerful than the effort of one individual. We share information openly and proactively with our colleagues, supervisors and collaborating departments to develop the best solutions possible. We nurture and embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions.


We are driven with enthusiasm, pride and energy to achieve the best result possible in all aspects of the business. We inspire others with our thirst for excellence. We achieve successful outcomes and the best performance results having the ‘fire in the belly’. We pursue our goals with determination.


As a fair and equal opportunity employer, we appreciate and encourage diversity for the enrichment it brings to the business. We see diversity as an essential requirement for collective intelligence, an asset that drives innovation and expands our view of life.


We operate with ethical behaviour and treat each other with respect. We thrive for transparency, authenticity and candour. We admit mistakes openly to give room for professional development. We ask for help and offer to help each other. Openness and accountability create trust and sense of reliability that are crucial to maintain a positive work environment and to build a united team.


We care for our environment and constantly look for solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. It is our responsibility to protect natural resources that are of paramount importance for our future and our next generations.