CR Surfacing Laboratories made a huge step forward with the creation of the most advanced and transparent antireflective coating on the market:
Titanium AR. It is a first-class AR coating with an astonishing 99,6% transmittance and an exceptional resistance to high temperatures,
specifically developed for the harsh Australian conditions.

Titanium AR provides extreme sharpness and optimum clarity to enjoy the world around us.

Benefits of The Titanium Anti-Reflective Coating

Improve Vision
Reduce Eyestrain
Protect Eye Health
Block UV Rays
Enhance Cosmetic Appearance

Ideal solution for everyday use, no matter the environment.

What is an anti-reflective (AR) coating?

When you are walking on the street and see your reflection on the shop windows, it is because the light doesn’t pass through the glass completely. It’s hitting the front surface of the glass and bounces off it. Some light even passes through the front surface, but bounces off internally when reaching the back surface, letting even less light through the glass. Not just you can’t see inside the store but because not all the light is passing through the glass, the reflections decrease the clarity and contrast of the view from the other side of the window too.

When you are wearing your sunglasses and the light coming from the side or behind you creates a reflection of your own eyes on the back surface of the lens, it can be very distracting and even dangerous when driving.

Anti-reflective coating is practically a special type of lens enhancement. A coating applied to the front and back surface of the lens helps improve the transmittance of the light through the lens, reducing glare and reflections, improving vision and even the cosmetic appearance of the spectacles.

How is the Titanium AR made?

Here in Australia, our glasses are constantly put through some tough challenges.
To combat the harsh Australian conditions of extreme heat and cold, dust, rain and humidity, CR Surfacing is introducing
TrueBond Technology and titanium to protect your eyes and lenses.

  • The index-matched double-sided DipCoat ensures extreme thermal durability and scratch-resistance
  • The multi-layer AR stacks improve clarity of vision and reduces reflections on the lens
  • The antistatic layer creates negative energy that repels dust
  • The super-hydrophobic topcoat uses a tailored nanostructure to produce premium anti-reflective properties,
    increases the transparency of lenses that enhances quality of vision with an almost invisible hue.

The result is a first-class anti-reflective coating, that offers the most natural look and the highest level of transmittance on the market.


At CR Surfacing Laboratories, our coating facility incorporates state-of-the-art equipment, latest technologies and premium quality materials to offer the best performing and most reliable coatings on the market.

The performance and durability of an ophthalmic lens is largely dependent on the applied coating package.

Titanium AR and TrueBlue coatings have been created with careful consideration of practical benefits, visual experience, aesthetics and the unique environmental conditions of Australia.

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