True Blue Light Blocker Coating coating is developed to :

Improve Vision
Reduce Eyestrain
Protect Eye Health
Block UV Rays
Enhance Cosmetic Appearance

Ideal solution for everyday use, no matter the environment.

Protecting our eyes from BLUE LIGHT

Approximately one third of all visible light is blue light, a high-energy light that has a number of biological efects, including on the eye. Blue light penetrates all the way to the retina and can damage the light-sensitive cells and can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Overexposure to blue light is dangerous because it can:

• Cause eyestrain

• Create visual stress

• Alter the sleep cycle

• Increase the risk of age-related macular-degeneration

The aim of TrueBlue technology is to filter the excess of blue light emitted by digital devices.

What are the benefits of the True Blue coating?

Here in Australia, our glasses are constantly put through some tough challenges.
To combat the harsh Australian conditions of extreme heat and cold, dust, rain and humidity, CR Surfacing is introducing
TrueBond Technology.

  • The index-matched double-sided DipCoat ensures extreme thermal durability and scratch-resistance
  • The multi-layer AR stacks improve clarity of vision and reduces reflections on the lens
  • The antistatic layer creates negative energy that repels dust
  • The super-hydrophobic TrueBlue topcoat uses a tailored nanostructure to produce premium anti-reflective properties,
    increases the transparency of lenses that enhances quality of vision with an almost invisible hue.
  • For today’s ever changing digital world, with the harsh weather conditions in mind, CR Surfacing developed True Blue Blocker Technology to create the latest generation of blue light filtering AR coat.

The result is a first-class anti-reflective coating, that provides protection from excess blue light emitted from digital devices, safeguards sleep-cycle while offering improved aesthetics and visual comfort.


At CR Surfacing Laboratories, our coating facility incorporates state-of-the-art equipment, latest technologies and premium quality materials to offer the best performing and most reliable coatings on the market.

The performance and durability of an ophthalmic lens is largely dependent on the applied coating package.

TrueClear and TrueBlue coatings have been created with careful consideration of practical benefits, visual experience, aesthetics and the unique environmental conditions of Australia.

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