CR Satin UV Anti-reflective coating is developed to :

Improve Vision
Reduce Eyestrain
Protect Eye Health
Block UV Rays
Enhance Cosmetic Appearance

Ideal solution for everyday use, no matter the environment.

What is an anti-reflective coating?

When you are walking on the street and see your reflection on the shop windows, it is because the light doesn’t pass through the glass completely. It’s hitting the front surface of the glass and bounces off it. Some light even passes through the front surface, but bounces off internally when reaching the back surface, letting even less light through the glass. Not just you can’t see inside the store but because not all the light is passing through the glass, the reflections decrease the clarity and contrast of the view from the other side of the window too.

When you are wearing your sunglasses and the light coming from the side or behind you creates a reflection of your own eyes on the back surface of the lens, it can be very distracting and even dangerous when driving.

Anti-reflective coating is practically a special type of lens enhancement. A coating applied to the front and back surface of the lens helps improve the transmittance of the light through the lens, reducing glare and reflections, improving vision and even the cosmetic appearance of the spectacles.

You can observe these coatings applied to different optical devices, such as binoculars, microscopes, and even the camera of your phone. The bluish-green or purply reflection you see is the coating on the camera lens, that reduces glare and improves the clarity of the photograph or video you are taking.

Our Satin UV Anti-reflective coating is developed to improve vision, reduce eyestrain, protect your eye health and enhance cosmetic appearance.

Superior SPF25+ or SPF50+ protection

Satin Uv Coating incorporates a special back surface layer which provides the wearer with protection from harmful UV rays., where other UV protective lenses do not. Prolonged exposure to UV can cause irreversible damage to both the eye and the skin around the eye. In addition, squinting due to sun glare can also lead to eye strain and headaches. Satin UV Coating incorporates a special back surface layer which provides the wearer with protection from harmful UV rays, shielding the eye not only from light coming from the front, but light bouncing off the back of the lens.

This global standard in eye care provides unparalleled visual performance and clarity in every environment.

Satin UV Anti-reflective Coating protects the wearer from every angle and incorporates higher scratch resistance, repels water and dust, protects the eye, and cuts off glare to provide ultra-crisp, sharp vision.

What are the benefits of the anti-reflective coating?

Our Satin UV Anti-reflective coating has several benefits.

  • Helps reduce glare, especially starburst and halos around streetlamps and headlights at night-time. It also helps reduce glare coming off computer screens, providing a sharper view and alleviating visual fatigue.
  • Helps improve the cosmetic appearance of the lenses – and you. In day-to-day interactions with people, a lot of reflection on the lenses can be very distracting. Not being able to see someone’s eyes creates a barrier for communication and achieving a good impression can become really difficult. With an anti-reflective coating on the lens, people are able to see our eyes and make eye-contact for better and more trustful communication.
  • Helps blocking UV rays associated with damage to the eye as well as the skin around the eye.
  • Helps extend the life of the lenses. The Satin UV coating consists of layers specially formulated to create a scratch-resistant, water and dust repellent coat, making the lenses last longer.

At CR Surfacing Laboratories, our coating facility incorporates state-of-the-art equipment, latest technologies and premium quality materials to offer the best performing and most reliable coatings on the market.

Our Satin UV Anti-Reflective Coating is an index matched, dual compaction coating which ensures long term reliability. Our hydrophobic layer is the latest on the world market. It’s unique application also ensures that the end product performs at its highest level.

Developed in Europe by a team of thin film specialists, Satin AR delivers premium performance by incorporating three proprietary process technologies:

The dual stage index matched hard coat base layer significantly increases durability, and provides a strong foundation for the AR stack. Created for the Aeronautical defence industry, the double compaction AR stack layers are specially formulated in sequence to work together to reduce glare and create negative energy which repels dust. The super hydrophobic topcoat process provides the ultimate in lens protection. The formula consists of special ingredients that enhance durability and provide superior scratch resistance. The Super Hydrophobic Topcoat also incorporates a new process called Aqua Repel™ that not only drives water away from the lens surface but produces Anti Fog properties and makes the lenses very easy to clean.

Satin UV Anti-reflective coating protects your eyes and your lenses, enhancing visual performance and comfort. This premium scratch resistant, water and dust repellent coating is applicable to clear, photochromic and sunglass lenses as well, making it an ideal solution for everyday use, no matter the environment.

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