Satin UV

Our Satin UV Anti-Reflective Coating is an index matched, dual compaction coating which ensures long term reliability. Our hydrophobic layer is the latest on the world market. It achieves the balance between workability and performance perfectly. It’s unique application also ensures that the end product performs at its highest level for longer, giving the patient a product better protected against wearing down of the hydrophobic layer. Satin UV AR has quickly become the first choice for Anti Reflective coating by leading independent practitioners both in Australia and New Zealand. Developed in Europe by a team of thin film specialists, Satin AR delivers premium performance by incorporating three proprietary process technologies:

The dual stage index matched hard coat base layer significantly increases durability, eliminates AR smear and provides a strong foundation for the AR stack. Created for the Aeronautical defence industry, the double compation AR stack layers are specially formulated in sequence to work together to reduce glare and create negative energy which repels dust. The super hydrophobic top coat process provides the ultimate in lens protection. The secret formula consists of special ingredients that enhance durability and provide superior scratch resistance. The Super Hydrophobic Top Coat also incorporates a new process called Aqua Repel™ that not only drives water away from the lens surface but produces Anti Fog properties and makes lenses very easy to clean.

Satin Blue

At CR Surfacing Laboratories, we are proud to offer the latest in Coating Technologies. Our coating facility incorporates the world’s best practice in both scientific equipment and quality of materials in our endeavour to offer our clients the best performing and most reliable coatings on the market.

The Satin Blue range is created by world class optical technologies that incorporates protective coatings to shield your eyes from harmful blue-light. Blue-light emanates from LED screens in technology that we use every day – phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Blue-light penetrates the eye deeper than UV-light and can cause macular degeneration. Blue-light can also cause tired eyes, insomnia and can disrupt the production of melatonin in our body, (Melatonin is an antioxidant that not only helps us fall asleep, but plays a vital role in slowing the progress of cancer, diabetes and other diseases).

Satin Blue protects your eyes by selectively filtering light, to comfort your eyes whilst looking at a screen and still providing excellent clarity. Satin Blue lenses are scratch resistant, smudge and water resistant and dust repellant, ideal for every day use, no matter what environment you are in.


Hard coating provides the otherwise soft and easily scratched plastic lenses with durability and increased longevity, ensuring constant visual performance. Our high quality, thermally cured hardcoat provides the best scratch resistance solution and the most durable base layer for an AR coating application. Hard coating through dip coating provides maximum scratch resistance and uniform performance on the front and back surface of the lens. It’s an absolute must for children’s glasses and for anyone who tends to be a little rough with their specs.

Satin Mirror

Satin Mirror consists of six captivating colours (Carribean Blue, Cobalt, Ember, Midas, Sangria and Steel) making sure there is a lens to suit everyone’s individual taste. In today’s high fashion sunglass markets, mirror coatings are more popular than ever. By using new and improved technology we are able to produce higher quality, engaging colours that are sure to make a statement.

Satin Mirror provides patients with enhanced colour definition, brighter outlook and increased protection against the sun. Look good in prescriptions and no longer compromise with style.