Become an Australis Expert





CR Surfacing provides personal and online trainings to equip you and your team with the necessary knowledge to confidently prescribe and offer the latest lens design available on the market. Trainings can be arranged one-on-one, or in small groups, depending on how many Dispensers wish to qualify. You will have an overall and in-depth understanding of the product and laboratory procedures, and the tools to accurately dispense the highest quality solutions to your patients. Our Business Development Managers and Customer Service Team are always a phone call away to answer any questions that may arise.


Participants will be able to describe the process of the Australis Live Design Development, the technologies used, and features and benefits of Australis. Participants will be able to describe and recommend lens extras for the patient’s visual needs,  and guide them through the Australis Journey to provide excellent customer experience.


Upon completion of the training, the Dispenser needs to reach 80% or higher grade to pass the Australis Exam and become an Australis Expert. This certification will raise the profile and increase the credibility of the Dispensers, shifting from the common misconception of a “salesperson” to an “industry expert”.

Prescription & Dispensing

The recognition will enhance customer trust and loyalty. Following a successful exam, the Dispenser will receive a Certificate, badge and Graduation Gift, and the practice will receive the Authorized Australis Distributor merchandise package. Once the practice received the Authorized Distributor status, the prescription and dispensing of Australis lenses begin.


Each pair of Australis lenses sold is followed up by a customer survey directly from the laboratory to the patient. After evaluating the feedback of product and services provided by the practice, each month CR Surfacing will announce the “Dispenser of the Month”* and reward the highest-ranking Australis Experts with a prize.

Australis Experts