Who We are

CR Surfacing is Australia’s market leading independent optical lens manufacturer, located in Melbourne, Victoria. Since established in 1976 as a small family business, history has seen us grow to employ over 50 Australians in a state of the art environment, working with the latest technologies and cutting-edge equipment. Never losing sight of our humble beginnings, our core values remain commitment, integrity, independence and innovation.

Why Choose Us

  • Our lenses are fitted and quality-assured by trade qualified optical technicians
  • Our profits and taxes stay within Australia
  • We reinvest in the latest technologies
  • We support Independent Optometry Practices across Australia
  • We keep manufacturing in Australia, supporting local jobs
  • We care for the environment – our waste management system saves over 500,000 Litres of water per year
  • We are giving back – through donations and volunteer work, we are helping communities in need See Better around the world
  • Located in Australia, we provide quick turnaround times and uninterrupted delivery

What Optical Professionals Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CR Surfacing mean?

CR comes from the technical term CR-39, the special material that the first plastic optical lenses were made of in 1947, a much safer and lighter alternative to glass lenses. CR Surfacing was the first independent optical laboratory in Australia, that supplied plastic optical lenses, in an era when people were glass lenses in their spectacles. We take pride in the company’s innovative core as we maintain our investments in cutting-edge equipment and the latest technologies.

Where can I buy CR Surfacing lenses?

CR Surfacing lenses are exclusively available from Independent Optometry practices. Type in your location and find your nearest optometrist here

Can I order my lenses directly from you?

No. As a wholesaler, we do not supply our lenses directly to the public. Our lens descriptions do not replace the eye test and personalised dispensing that is vital to customise the lens solution for your eye condition and visual needs. Our high-quality products require professional eye examination and dispensing to provide unparalleled visual performance.

What is blue light? How does it affect my vision and what can I do protect my eyes?

Approximately one third of all visible light is blue light, a high-energy light that has a number of biological effects, including on the eye. Blue light penetrates all the way to the retina and can damage the light-sensitive cells and can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Although not all blue light is bad, as it helps boost alertness, memory and cognitive function, the harmful wavelengths can be filtered out with Satin Blue coating, providing maximum comfort and protection for your eyes. Read more information here