The Beginning

In 1976 Australia’s premium prescription lens manufacturer began its history as a small family business. Ray Geake made a bold decision and opened the first independent plastic lens laboratory in South Yarra, Victoria, in an era when people wore glass lenses in their spectacles.This is a great indication of the company’s innovative core.


Father and Son

In 1988 CR Surfacing was the first independent lens manufacturer to process polycarbonate lenses for its impact resistant benefit for safety glasses. In 1989 Ray’s son, Adam Fletcher started his apprenticeship at CR Surfacing, working side by side with his father, inheriting the commitment and passion for producing quality products. In 1990 CR Surfacing was the first independent lens manufacturer in Australia to apply double sided hard coat on the prescription lenses, enhancing durability and scratch-resistance.


Second Generation

In 2002 Adam Fletcher took on Managing Director position under his father’s wings. Ray continues to work at CR Surfacing as CEO, still actively working alongside with his team in fitting and quality control. In 2005 CR Surfacing was the first independent lens laboratory to manufacture freeform progressive and single vision lens designs. In 2015 CR Surfacing joined the Australian Made Campaign to help consumers and optometry practices easily locate and identify our Australian owned and operated lens manufacturing laboratory.


Steady Growth

In 2016 CR Surfacing has outgrown the capacities of the premises, and moved manufacturing to Dandenong South, transferring every staff member as well. CR Surfacing provides employment for more than 50 Australians. In 2017 CR Surfacing has become a proud Supply Partner to Provision, Australia’s largest network of professional independent optometrists with almost 450 members nationwide.



In 2018 CR Surfacing goes green! Changing to biodegradable packaging materials and digital invoicing, CR Surfacing took the first steps to minimise environmental impact on the planet. Shortly after, we implemented an award-winning General Waste Management System, saving over 500,000 litres of water per year!


Focus on Australia

In 2020 Australia faced a range of challenges. After the devastating bushfires, CR Surfacing team members gathered as volunteers and travelled to rural areas to help rebuild damaged properties. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country and thousands of Australians lost their jobs nationwide, CR Surfacing developed the Focus On Australia Campaign to support independent optometry practices, raising awareness of Australian economy, local businesses and jobs.