Australis Anti-Fatigue

The Australis Anti-Fatigue is adapted to ​each user’s prescription and screen time needs ​to assist with comfortable vision ​during intensive use of handheld devices. ​

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Australis i-Tech

The Australis i-Tech lenses adjust to the wearers’ needs and offer unmatched near and intermediate vision for working environments. Tailored to suit your office layout and screen positions.

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Perfection Anti-Fatigue

Our Anti-Fatigue lens design, specifically created to give welcome relief to the hard-working eyes. Ideal for short-sighted people who wear their glasses all day. Anti-Fatigue lenses significantly reduce the eye strain that is commonly associated with high levels of screen use or activities requiring focused concentration.  

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Signature IT Occupational

The Signature IT Occupational is our tried and trusted office lens design which delivers unparalleled near vision performance for both office and classroom environments.

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Task and Device

The Perfection Lens Series Task and Device lenses incorporate the most advanced freeform lens design and latest technologies. These lenses are perfect for today’s busy work-life and are specifically created for office work and boardroom environments.

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Occupational Lenses

Despite what the name suggests, Office Lenses (or Occupational Lenses), these designs are not just for clerical work. They claimed this name only because they are most popular in office environments, as these lenses are designed to give the wearer a comfortable shift of focus between close up work and the computer screens – and depending on lens design, a clear view to the distance above the computer.

CR Surfacing offers a wide range of Occupational Lenses. The latest designs are part of the Australis Portfolio, incorporating world-class patented technologies and providing the best optical solutions on the market.

The Australis Anti-Fatigue is developed for short-sighted and early presbyopic people who wear their glasses all day. A small boost of power at the bottom of the lens helps to alleviate eyestrain from constantly switching focus from near to far objects, that can quickly tire the hard-working eyes, resulting in blurred vision, red or dry eyes, and headaches.

According to researches, the average person spends 10 hours a day on digital devices, including smart phones, tablets, computers, laptops, television, e-readers and video games. The constant switching of focus between the road and the navigation system, the pedestrian crossing and our phones, objects in the distance and tiny fonts on small displays then back again is a serious strain on the ciliary muscles and the crystalline lens of the eye, that constantly has to re-adapt and re-focus the view. This can result in headaches, burning or tired eyes and other visual stress. Living in the digital age, the Anti-Fatigue lenses are designed to reduce symptoms of prolonged use of digital devices and relieve the eyes from extreme strain.

The Australis i-Tech, Task, Device and IT Occupational are collectively called as Extended Readers and are intended as an additional pair of glasses for people who need maximum field of vision for near and intermediate distances, giving more room to focus on the computer and close up work than it’s achievable with a pair of all-around-use multifocal lenses. Restricting the depth of distance enables these designs to maximise the surface of the lens for an office environment.

All designs are created to fight Digital Eyestrain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome. These lenses support the ciliary muscles and prevent symptoms of fatigue, offering enhanced visual comfort and relaxed, clear vision to the wearer.

Due to their use around digital devices, Office Lenses are recommended with True Blue anti-reflective coating to reduce digital strain and help protect the eye. CR Surfacing’s special glare-reducing True Blue coating filters out harmful blue light coming from digital surfaces, as well as natural and artificial lights. Approximately one third of all visible light is blue light, a high-energy light that has a number of biological effects, including on the eye. Blue light penetrates all the way to the retina and can damage the light-sensitive cells and can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Although not all blue light is bad, as it helps boost alertness, memory and cognitive function, the harmful wavelengths can be filtered out with True Blue coating, providing maximum comfort and protection for your eyes.