The Perfection Series EveryDay and EveryDay Wide multifocal lenses are created by world-leading technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to provide unrivalled visual performance.


Around the age of 40-45, objects at a person’s reading distance become blurry, threading needles or fine handiwork becomes difficult, reading books is easier when held further away. As we get older, we begin to notice that objects in the middle distance are becoming blurry as well, making it difficult to read the computer screen or see prices in the supermarket. This phenomenon is called Presbyopia  which is the age-related hardening of the crystalline lens in our eye, making it difficult to bend light rays and focus them clearly on the retina.

Reading glasses will sharpen close vision but will make distance viewing blurry. When someone requires both distance and near vision correction, multifocal lenses provide an advanced solution.

Think about a multifocal lens as it is horizontally divided in 3 portions (near, intermediate and distance) so you can use it as an all-around solution all day, every day. Due to the technological advances, progressive multifocal lens designs not only correct vision at all viewing distances, but also incorporate a blending technique to shift the power across the lens without visible lines separating the zones or sudden change in power.

The Perfection Series EveryDay and EveryDay Wide lenses are created by world-leading technologies and state-of-the-art equipment to provide enhanced visual performance, wide fields of view, thin and light lenses and less distortion (compared to EP1 Progressive design) when looking through the outer edges of the lenses.

This “peripheral blur”, called aberration is due to the fact that more than one vision-correcting power is incorporated into a single lens.


  • Enhanced Visual Performance
  • Fast and Easy Adaption
  • Balanced Fields of View
  • Thin and Light Lenses
  • Perfect for First Time Multifocal Wearers

The Everyday lens is a soft design, developed to push the blur out to the least used sections of the lens (bottom peripheral corner), as smoothly as possible by the laws of physics. This technique results in a wider spread but lighter distortion in the peripheral zones. This barely noticeable, smooth transition allows for easy adaption, making the Everyday lens design a perfect choice for first time multifocal wearers.

EveryDay Wide

  • Enhanced Visual Performance
  • Reduced Distortion
  • Wide Fields of View
  • Thin and Light Lenses
  • Perfect for Seasoned Multifocal Wearers

The EveryDay Wide lens design is a hard design, and as the name suggests, developed to push the blur out to the least used section of the lens (bottom peripheral corner) as far as possible.

This technique results in a super wide field of view in the near and intermediate zones with extremely narrow but high concentration of aberration in the outer bottom edges of the lens. This advanced design is most suitable for experienced multifocal wearers.

What Is The Best Coating For The EveryDay and EveryDay Wide Lenses?

For general purpose, everyday wear, we recommend using Titanium Anti-Reflecting Coating. Our Titanium AR Coating is developed to improve vision by reducing glare, eliminate eyestrain by enhanced visual performance, protect your eye health by blocking UV rays, and enhance cosmetic appearance by cancelling out reflections on the lens surface. This coating also helps extend the life of the lenses. The Titanium AR Coating consists of layers specially formulated to create a scratch-resistant, water and dust repellent coat, making the lenses last longer. Titanium AR Coating was developed for the harsh Australian conditions, with extraordinary thermal resistance and virtually invisible bloom, to provide improved visual acuity and comfort. An ideal solution for everyday use, no matter the environment.


If you spend a lot of time on computers or digital devices, to give your eyes as much comfort as possible, we recommend to pair these lenses with True Blue coating. CR Surfacing’s special anti-reflective True Blue coating filters out harmful blue light coming from digital surfaces, as well as natural and artificial lights. Approximately one third of all visible light is blue light, a high-energy light that has a number of biological effects, including on the eye. Blue light penetrates all the way to the retina and can damage the light-sensitive cells and can increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration. Although not all blue light is bad, as it helps boost alertness, memory and cognitive function, the harmful wavelengths can be filtered out with True Blue coating, providing maximum comfort, enhanced visual performance and protection for your eyes.



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