The World's First Clinically Proven Lens

For Migraine & Light Sensitivity Management

Avulux is a patented, safe, effective, and clinically proven lens engineered to help people manage their light sensitivity and live well with migraine. 

A multi-band precision optical filter engineered with a patented, proprietary nanomolecular technology.

The Highest Scientific Standard

In an independent, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, Avulux glasses showed clinical & statistical significance in reducing light triggered pain and light sensitivity in subjects with migraine.

 Find Relief


Avulux users are able to return or continue with their activities of daily living.

 Reduce Medication


Avulux users are able to reduce or eliminate their usual amount of medication needed to manage their symptoms. 

 No Side Effects


No negative side effects were reported across all Avulux clinical trials.



What is Migraine?


Migraine is a debilitating neurological disorder affecting over one billion people globally and women are three times more likely to have migraine than men. While there is no cure for migraine, Avulux can help you provide patients with a tool to manage their symptoms and triggers.

Common Symptoms include:

• Photophobia (#1 most bothersome)
• Debilitating headaches
• Nausea and vomiting
• Sound and smell sensitivity
• Brain fog and dizziness


Light & Pain

Research in the past decade linked melanopsin to pain in people with migraine and/or photophobia. Melanopsin is secreted by retinal ganglion cells when peak activated by wavelengths of light in the upper blue and amber range.

A corroborating Harvard study found that light increases migraine headache pain, except for green light.


Multi-band Relief

Avulux precisely filters up to 97% of the clinically identified most painful wavelengths of blue, red and amber light, light while selectively allowing in over 70% of soothing green light.

Avulux lenses effectively help manage light sensitivity for those living with migraine.


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