Focus On Australia

Focus On Australia Campaign


The Focus On Australia Campaign was created to capture the Covid-19-induced sentiment for local family businesses and Australian made products. Togetherness in social distancing became more precious than ever. This is why CR Surfacing aims to elevate this campaign to the next level, and create a community of independent optometry practices, where we share the same values, where members feel secure and supported. Provided a platform, where they can share their knowledge and learn from each other. Where it’s our exact independence and individuality that unites us.



of consumers think the pandemic will increase focus on health.



of consumers say the pandemic will increase their focus on the environment.



of consumers think that the effects of Covid-19 will strengthen local communities.



of consumers will sustain their increase in buying locally sourced goods and will continue to shop more locally post-outbreak.

In this time of dramatic change, people and businesses have an opportunity to reset and renew.

The demand for local goods and brands is growing. Consumers want to shop at closer neighbourhood stores (59% in May compared to 44% in March) and want to buy more locally sourced products. The net purchasing of consumers who are prioritising local and national brands has increased (from 19% to 23%), while the net purchasing of large global brands has decreased.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions or discuss with your Business Development Manager.

What will be provided as support?

The sentiment around supporting Australian businesses and locally made products has never been stronger. To help capture this emotion, CR Surfacing Laboratories has created the F.O.A Campaign, to assist consumers easily locate and identify Australian businesses and Australian made products. This campaign’s strategic direction is to provide marketing support and business development plan for the Independent Optometry Practices.

Website Directory

As a part of the F.O.A campaign you will have a listing on CR Surfacing website with the map directory to your practice.

Image Library

You will have access to regularly updated online Image Library folder, that contains imagery, videos, banners and branded material for your practice.

Social Media

We provide you with social media support through content development to be used on your social media platforms.

Printed Merchandise

As part of the campaign we provide you with necessary printed merchandise for you practice.

We have the expertise to assist you in finding the best fit Point Of Sale for your practice. We offer high quality in house graphic design services to customise any requirement to suit your practice.

Webinars & Online Meetings

CR Surfacing like to give back to your profession by sharing the wealth of knowledge and facilitate regular webinars with your peers, tips from our business development managers, merchandise guidelines from our marketing expert.

Email Marketing

You will have access to email newsletters with the promotional materials to build customer loyalty and  educate about the products and ranges.

Training Materials

As part of F.O.A. campaign we produce regular high quality video content to educate dispensers of basic optics and CR product range.

We provide selling points for each product and useful up-selling techniques.

Online Forum

We have created a forum that is focused on sharing our knowledge and expertise in lens technologies and applications exclusive to Independent Optometry.

TV Commercial

With the purpose of securing all our businesses for now and into the future. CR Surfacing Laboratories has started  our first TV Commercial-through WIN TV in July 2020. This is an industry 1st TV advertising campaign in Australian independent lens manufacturer and no doubt will generate a lot of interest in independent optometry practices. Our ‘’See Better’’ commercial is our 1st step of many in growing awareness around the benefits of supporting local Independent Optometry. Our data analytics shows a significant increase in searches for local independent optometry practices directly from CR surfacing website.

Our Happy F.O.A. Customers