Australis Premium Multifocal

The Australis Premium Multifocal is the most accurate visual solution, taking into account your personal feedback and the characteristics of your selected frame. This means, even if someone has the exact same prescription as you do, will be unable to wear your glasses, as they are fully custom made, providing smooth and natural vision in…

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Australis AllDay Multifocal

Simply the best and most comfortable multifocal lens in the market. Australis AllDay Multifocal was developed by a unique science technology that allows a greater control over each specific area of the lens surface, thus reducing the limits and trade-offs inherent to progressive lenses.

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Australis Drive Multifocal

The Australis Dive Multifocal is a solution for daily use with special features to maintain a more relaxed driving experience and provide maximum visual comfort for drivers. During driving it is important not only how wide the field of vision is but also how clear and stable it is in order to make quick gazes to look…

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Australis Tradie

Personalised freeform progressive lens with a unique and innovative design that incorporates two zones for near vision. In addition to a standard progressive configuration, it offers an extra segment for near vision at the top, to assist those trades where the wearer needs to focus on near objects not only at the bottom but through…

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Australis Curve Design

Australis Curve design solves the limitations of the wrap frames, providing visual qualities that improve the user’s visual perception and the aesthetics of the lens.​

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Australis Kids Design

The Australis Kids Design is a solution for daily use for children with accommodative convergence excess. The Australis Kids Design is an ergonomic progressive lens design, created with our children’s unique behavioural norms in mind​.

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EveryDay and EveryDay Wide

The new Perfection Lens Series is by far the most advanced range of free form lenses available on the world market. Complex calculation algorithms combined with the most advanced manufacturing technologies provide the most precise and accurate lenses the world has ever seen.

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EP1 Progressive

Designed for all around performance, the EP1 lenses are great choice for everyday use. The EP1 lenses incorporate beautifully blended free form technology, creating soft design which is digitally enhanced to provide the wearer with clear and natural vision at all times.

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Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal Lenses describe a collective group of lenses correcting two or more viewing distances. Bi-Focal lenses are lenses divided into two parts to correct any two prescriptions, most commonly close and long distance, but sometimes close and intermediate vision for reading and computer work only. These prescriptions are divided by a visible segment on the lens. Tri-Focal lenses work the same way, but correcting vision in three different distances with a small portion of intermediate segment added to the lens too. A more advanced and aesthetically pleasing multifocal lens design, also known as progressive design, has the ability not only to correct vision close and far away, but everything in between. These lenses are developed to shift the power across the lens without visible lines separating the zones or sudden change in power. Although the Bi-Focal and Tri-Focal lenses have their advantages, they are considered outdated and less and less popular, and the expression Multifocal Lenses is now often used as a synonym for Progressive Lenses.

The latest multifocal (or progressive) lens designs on the market, our Australlis Portfolio incorporates world-leading patented technologies and offers the best optical solutions for your visual needs.


Complement your lenses with Titanium Anti-Reflective Coating, to enhance performance and durability, and improve the aesthetics of the lenses. Titanium AR coating was developed for the harsh Australian conditions, with extraordinary thermal resistance and virtually invisible bloom, to provide improved visual acuity and comfort.

For maximum visual comfort and blue light protection, complement your lenses with True Blue Coating, that filters out the harmful high-energy wavelengths coming from digital devices and artificial light sources.

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