The Perfection Lens Series Task and Device lenses incorporate the most advanced freeform lens design and latest technologies. These lenses are perfect for today’s busy work-life and are specifically created for office work and boardroom environments. The Device lenses help your eyes to comfortably shift focus between your phone, paperwork and computer screen, while the Task lenses relieve your eyes from straining when shifting focus from the board or speaker to the laptop, phone and paperwork. The best help you can get in an office. Unlike reading or full multifocal lenses, the Task and Device lenses are customised for your particular vision needs at work, optimised for the most effective distances to prevent visual stress, and allowing you to keep a comfortable posture. To give your eyes as much comfort as possible, we recommend to pair these lenses with Satin Blue Coating to shield your eyes from harmful blue-light coming from digital surfaces.

Both lens designs are available with Accuracy Calculation.


Working Distance up to 4 metres.

A perfect solution for boardroom and classroom environments, the Task lens incorporates smooth wide fields of view in both intermediate and near zones.


Working Distance up to 2 metres.

As the name suggests, ideal for the constant device user and office desk environment. Hobbyists will also love the Device lens, as it offers unparalleled fields of view in both near and intermediate zones.

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