Independent Optometry has never been under greater pressure. From the market pressures of Corporate Optometry, challenging economic pressures balancing profitability and quality and now the effects of this global pandemic.

In these times, I have found the staff, services and products of CRSurfacing to be a strong partner in navigating these turbulent times. The advantages of CRS are manifold. The most important of which is that they are Australian owned and the lenses are manufactured locally, based in SE Melbourne, they offer the ability to get urgent jobs done quickly. Ray Geek, Adam Fletcher and Sasha Sergejew have created a team of highly skilled and motivated staff to help my practices to thrive in this competitive environment.

In addition to the lab staff, they also boast a comprehensive, high quality range of digital PALs and Vocational lenses, bifocals and Single Vision lenses. The PALs and Vocational lenses stand out in their quality and patient satisfaction. Adaptability is exceptional and any issues with adaptability only requires a quick call to the experts to ‘tweak’ lens characteristics to suit. A massive advantage in the cut and thrust of lens dispensing.


My aim as an Optomterist is to provide the best possible product to our patients/clients at a reasonable price. Our patients have often remarked that not only are our lenses as good if not better than their previous lenses but also that pricing is more than competitive. Of course, we also aim to provide the best possible eyecare to them. A complete Eyecare package.


As an independent practice, it is reassuring to have CRS as our lens supplier. An independent business with the same ethos as I. In CRSurfacing, I have found them to be an excellent purveyor and supplier of high quality lenses, being Australian owned and made is an important factor. In addition, they have also shown themselves to be excellent support for my practices, providing both marketing material and marketing support. They provide the complete lens lab/marketing package. I am no longer just another account number.

Fook Ning Chan