For independent optometrists, high quality service and product are key components for maintaining a successful business model in the face of ever growing competition. We are fortunate that CR Surfacing have invested heavily in cutting edge technology, producing lenses of outstanding quality, right here in our own backyard. A tour of their laboratory was impressive not only for the vast array of technologies available, but for the professional and approachable demeanour of their staff.

The most important piece in the puzzle however, is performance from the end user’s perspective. We piloted CR’s products (particularly Multifocals) for 3 months, side by side against a major competitor’s premium lenses and asked for client feedback. The vast majority preferred the performance of the Perfection Series Multifocals, citing improvements in reading and screen use performance.

With the recent upheavals and challenges within our communities, there has never been a more important time to concentrate our focus on supporting local people and businesses. CR Surfacing are a family owned company operating in Melbourne, employing local people. As a business, we feel proud and lucky to be supporting a local laboratory in these difficult times, and it’s fair pay-back for all the effort that CR have put into supporting independent optometry over the years.