Our Story

Established in 1976 in Victoria, CR Surfacing’s success story started as a small family business. Our history has seen us grow to be a true market leading independent optical lens manufacturer in Australia today. Never losing sight of our humble beginnings, our core values remain commitment, integrity, independence and innovation. To this date, generations of the founder family work side by side, ensuring all members live and breathe the same values. The heavy investments in the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment is proof of our commitment to the future.

Staying true to our believes, we care for our environment and constantly look for solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. In 2018 we changed to biodegradable packaging materials and digital invoicing. Shortly after, we implemented an award-winning General Waste Management System, saving over 500,000 litres of water per year.

Grateful for our good fortune, we are dedicated to giving back to the community. Through donations and volunteer work, CR Surfacing helps people in need around the world, who wouldn’t be able to afford eyecare otherwise. As a proudly Australian team, after the devastating bushfires across Australia, we packed up our tents to travel to rural Victoria and help rebuild damaged properties alongside with the local farmers. Even though it wasn’t optical expertise that was needed, we were able to provide a much needed neighbourly help.

This is who we are and why you can find our world-class quality lenses at your local independent optometry practices, as opposed to faceless multinational chains.